Matcha Lion’s Mane Latte

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50g powder

Our organic Matcha Lion’s Mane Latte is a delicious blend of Japanese ceremonial matcha and lion’s mane mushroom which is full of powerful antioxidants. It supports healthy brain function, focus, memory and helps you recharge when you’re in a productivity low. Even if matcha isn’t your cup of tea, you want to try this one, trust us!

Ingredients: ceremonial matcha powder, coconut nectar, lion’s mane mushroom, Madagascar vanilla. All 100% organic.

How to use: stir half a tsp (2 grams) of the latte powder with 50 ml of hot (but not boiling) water and serve hot or cold with about 200 ml of milk/plant based milk/water or a combination of them. Can be sweetened to taste.

Our organic ceremonial matcha powder has been produced in Japan by the same family-owned company since 1888. It uses the youngest, greenest leaves and milled using a stone grinder to respect its beautiful and rich culture. It has a gorgeous glowing green colour, fresh sweet smell and a flowery taste – nothing like a conventional matcha.