slow and peaceful moments to yourself

Who We Are

Tulsi is about taking slow and peaceful moments to yourself. We’re inspired by the intelligence of plants and traditional medicines. And our mission is to bring you nature’s gifts in their most organic, clean, and natural form. We want to inspire you to make time for intimate moments with yourself through our mindful everyday rituals.

Our Lattes

Delicious and functional latte blends featuring the best ingredients and our incredible medicinal mushrooms & herbs. They're the perfect excuse to take a moment for yourself.

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our aloe vera juice

With more than 1000mg/litre of aloeverose polysaccharides. Tulsi Aloe Vera juice moisturises, restores, regenerates and heals the body. Aloe vera is the perfect carrier for medicinal plants and nutrients.

our castor oil

Organic Castor oil is truly nature's beauty secret. A nourishing massage oil for skin, hair and so much more. It's the absolute perfect addition to your skin and hair care routines.


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