Energy Drink 4 - Beetroot, cordyceps mushroom and aloe vera juice

The powerful energy of the richest herbs and mushrooms in nature comes alive in our series of natural energy drinks. They are easy to prepare every morning or in that moment you need to refuel. For an energy boost, vitality, motivation and focus. Delicious, non-addictive and will be the perfect solution for a boost of vitality at all hours of the day.

Energy Drink 4 - Beetroot, cordyceps & aloe vera Juice

1 teaspoon beetroot juice powder
2 capsules cordyceps mushroom
¼ cup aloe vera juice
¾ cup of filtered water

Open 2 capsules of cordyceps mushroom and empty into a large glass. Add beetroot juice powder and aloe vera juice and mix well until the beetroot juice powder has completely dissolved into the aloe vera. Fill the rest of the glass with cold water (you can also add ice) and enjoy.

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